Assassin’s Creed Pirates on Google Play – Sale $0.10

If you have Google Play Assassin’s Creed Pirates is on sale for $0.10 I love the game and when I saw that it was $0.10 and jump right on it and bought it. I don’t know if it’s an error or what but I bought it anyways without hesitation lol.

Assassin's Creed Pirates

There are other apps that are either free or on sale also.
$0.49 – Rabbids Big Bang
$0.79 – Rayman Jungle Run
FREE – Chef de Bubble
$0.50 – The Game of Life
FREE – PBA Bowling Challenge

Check out Google Play for more apps that are on sale for up to 50% off. Hope the link works..


Books – Involve Me

Submitting the card shown below for the Doodle Pantry Digital Challenge – DPDC49. The image is from Doodle Pantry “Books & Apple” I also used some of the digital papers that came with the Books & Apple kit. It’s almost back to school so I decided to use the uncolored version of the books with an apple on top image. And for the Wordart, it’s from Squijoo “Involve Me Word Art” May be hard to read but it says “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I Learn – Benjamin Franklin” I should have outline the larger words with black thin makers or something.. to see it much clearer, oh well maybe next time.

The image was colored using Copics (I can’t remember what I used). For the wordart I sketch it out with my Silhouette Cameo. The large words, I used three different permanent markers which are called Infinity… They’re the metallic ones. The rest, I used the Silhouette Sketch Makers – Black.



Michaels Clearance (Journal Cards)

Today I went to another Michaels to see if there were anymore of the Me & My Big Ideas Pocket Pages.. Well long story short I hit the jackpot lol.. I found a small wall filled with them.. So I grabbed mostly one of each that I found looked nice.. I also found a few Project Life items that were also on clearance so I grabbed a few as well.. I feel like I should go to another Michaels store to see if there are anymore haha..

I just started the Project Life.. So I may have gone overboard with all these journal cards stuff.. I’ve been looking at Pinterest all day for the past 2 days and have not clean anything.. I better get started with the cleaning…



Michaels Run + Review

Today I decided to head to Michaels to buy just the Project Life Big Variety Pack 1 but ended up with more than just that one item lol. I ended up buying journal card packs, 2 scrapbook albums and We R Memory Keeper 3 x 4 card punch. Everything except the card punch and the Project Life variety pack was on clearance.

I bought the card punch thinking it will save me time from using either my silhouette or my paper trimmer. Off the bat I’m already having trouble unlocking the punch. The switched seems to be jammed.. For five minutes of trying to unlock it. I decided to use my kid’s hammer (Lowe’s Build & Grow). It finally went from lock to unlock.. It look like it was jammed so I hammered it back in place.. I can now lock and unlock, I guess it was jammed. Well after that I started to have more and more problems. I was trying to cut one of my journal cards out that I printed off a website to test it out. Well.. It created holes next to my other journal cards I was about to punch out next. I also have to like put all my weight into it. If I don’t.. It doesn’t fully punch it out. It was driving me nuts.. I’m still debating on whether to keep it or return it.. I love the idea but I really hate those holes lol. Probably will just keep it.. I damage the lock/unlock switch a bit lol.



Spa Time

It’s been years since I ever did any card challenges.. I bought a Silhouette Cameo about a month ago and I’m having so much fun with it. Especially making things with vinyl :)

Well today I decided to do Chi Chi Memories July Challenge – Spa Time.. I just love their images.. They’re so cute.
Here’s the July sketch from Chi Chi Memories:

Here’s what I’m submitting :)


I’m still new to Copics (and card making) so I don’t really know how to do those color combos LOL.. For the image I above.. All I did was used a dark color to outline the image and color the rest with a lighter color. Some of the shapes (and the image) were cut from my Silhouette. The sentiment and the lines inside the oval shape… I used my Silhouette Sketch marker to type/draw it for me, instead of me doing it by hand or even print it.

Pillow/Drink: R24 and R29
Hair/Chair: C7 and C9
Skin: E21 and YR00
Hair Towel/Robe: V17 and V15

I should of added something.. It just looks to simple. I’m still trying to get the hang of card making but I sure do love coloring haha.


Clear Clutter, Save Money, Live Greener

I’m writing to share yerdle, my new favorite way to clear clutter and get the things my family needs without spending money. We’ve all experienced the ongoing flow of stuff coming into our houses and constant need for more stuff for our kids due to growth spurts and new interests. Yerdle helps you turn the things you don’t need into the things that you do.

What is yerdle?

  • Free app
  • Everyone gets 250 points to start, get an extra 25 with my referral link http://yerdle.com/i/marilyn-davis
  • Use your points to bid on other people’s stuff
  • Post your stuff (ie. clutter) to earn more points
  • Pick up locally or use amazingly low flat-rate shipping from $2-$4 (winner pays shipping)

Our houses are full of things that are sitting, unused, while we go out and spend money on new things to meet new needs. Yerdle turns this around with their, “sharing is the new shopping” mantra. Use yerdle to quickly and easily turn outgrown sports gear, unused kitchen gadgets, and long-forgotten toys into things you can actually use.

Some of my favorite yerdle wins:

Some things I’ve yerdled for points:

Go to yerdle.com to sign up and simultaneously clear clutter, save (a lot of) money, live greener, and build community by helping other parents who need the things that your family has outgrown.

web url: http://yerdle.com
mobile app url: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/yerdle/id544414705



Ube Cupcakes II

I may have found the best ube cupcake recipe. I’ve been looking for one for so long. I found one awhile back but it was alright but it’s not as great as the one I made today lol.

So I went to my local Filipino market and bought ube (purple yam) extract (also bought mango extract to experiment with), I wanted to try out this recipe I was given by a fellow Instagram friend I follow (sosweetbites). I just love her work. She makes fantastic looking sweets, very inspirational.

Long story short I made the cupcakes and the whole family loved it. They were eating one right after the other even without the ube buttercream icing. I myself can’t stop eating them. I think I already ate 5-6 since around 5-6 pm (PST) and it’s now 10:47pm.