Cricut Explore Bluetooth Adapter

Today I received a package in the mail. Opened it up and saw that it was the Bluetooth adapter for the Cricut Explore. I can’t believe is arrived so fast, just ordered it like 2-3 days ago. image

Got so excited, opened it up, grabbed the iPad and downloaded the Cricut app.

After setting up the Bluetooth and everything.. It’s was time to test it. I decided to try vinyl.. Wanted to decorate my Explore a little bit.. Should of picked those rhinos but I went with the word “Create”.. Wanted to decorate my Explore with some vinyl.

The app looks amazing doesn’t it 😁 it was flawless didn’t run into any problems testing the app and Bluetooth adapter. It’s very limited.. but cool.. What sucks is that you can’t search for images or make your own projects. That’s probably going to all change this January 2015. The photo’s below tell you which icon is which.. But the right icon (no photo) that looks like a Notebook.. that just goes back to the main page where all the projects are located. And the one next to that is just to go back to the project your working on. Can’t wait for that update. After my year is over at Silhouette, my subscription that is.. I’m going to try out Cricut’s

Man did I ever tell you how much I love the Cricut Explore? 😊😊😊

Cricut Explore Testing

Excited to say I’m a new owner of a Cricut Explore. I was thinking of giving away my Cricut Expression 2. But still unsure what to so.

Everything was unpacked I did my very first project on Design Space. It was a Thank You Card.. It was actually the first one that ask you (optional) to make when setting up your Cricut for the first time.


Still excited to use the Cricut I decided to ask my daughter what should I make. I actually took out all the cartridges that I had and showed her which one. She picked the Red Queen in the Teddy Bear Parade cartridge. Cut all the pieces I needed.. Next I literally run up and down the stairs looking for glue. I couldn’t find it so I grabbed tack glue which I found in my closet. Looks like it can be used on paper soooo.. still excited I started to put the pieces together.. Haha I think I may have one of the pieces backwards but oh well.

After playing around with Explore.. I got to say I really love it.. I think my Cameo will feel lonely but will use that from time to time.. I bought way to many images for that LOL. The thing that’s a bit a disappointment is the Design Space. I really hate that.. you have to have internet connection to be able to use the Explore. Sometime it can be so slow, which was driving me crazy when I was making the Queen of Hearts. It will take awhile to load before you can push one of the buttons (load, cut, etc).

I love how it user friendly, it shows the instructions step by step. Plus when you cut images.. when it’s in layers.. it cuts lines on each image.. letting you know one of the layered image are suppose to be glued on that spot. Instead of guessing on where the the eyes, nose, ears, etc suppose to be. I don’t know how to explain it haha.

Bought a Cricut Explore

So I couldn’t wait LOL.. I decided to just bought it. I actually wanted the Wild Orchid color but I see to myself forget green is nice too haha… Bbbuuutttt I LOVE purple.. Oh well..

I searched for days on Google for the Cricut Explore… stalking Wal-Mart’s website to see if it will ever be back in stock. Did it really get sold out so quickly? I don’t have a Wal-Mart near me.. the closet one is like about 50 miles. Well always.. The lowest I’ve seen in go down was $249.99.. than it hit me.. I get 20% off at Bed Bath and Beyond will it be excluded? I read and reread the fine print and there’s nothing that says the Cricut is excluded. So I checked online to see if there’s any in stock at one of the Bed Bath and Beyond near me. Most will not available except one which is about 8 miles from me. Place an order to reserved one.. Now the waiting game..

Can tell I was a bit impatient haha.. I was stalking me email every few minutes. Waiting for that pick-up email haha. Well anyways after getting tired of waiting haha, I decided to pack up stuff that I gave away on yerdle. Keep me busy for an hour then finally I heard my phone made that sound that tells you that have email hehe (push notification) so I went to check it and one was from Bed Bath and Beyond. Got myself and left the house quick.

When I got to the store I got a bit nervous haha. I was worried they wouldn’t take the coupon. Long story short they took the coupon which took 20% off of the regular price of the Cricut Explore. Which was $249.99 I’m one extremely happy camper.

Now it’s time to play around with my new baby.. Yay!!! Time to store the Silhouette Cameo :) Photo coming soon once I unpack everything.

Cricut Expression 2


Could you believe I bought a Cricut Expression 2 for $10 on Craigslist around September? Short version.. Lady said it’s disabled.. broken.. Use for parts.. so I said to myself  what the hey I’ll get it and try to fix it. How hard could it be? The lady said it was new so went over to her house to pick it up, thinking it would have everything it original came with. Cause of the listing it said (what I said above) “New. Broken can be used for parts. Bars are attached backwards” something like that. Never said belt has snapped. So when I got home, I opened the box. And there was just the machine.. Nothing else.. Seriously nothing else, no blade, blade housing, mat, manuals, etc.. But hey I shouldn’t complain I got a pretty damn good deal on it haha. Just by looking at the machine it look like it needed just a new belt and one of the bars needed to be leveled. It was uneven.. One side was so much higher than the other side. It didn’t look like it was attached backwards.

Long story short.. Weeks passed by and I finally fixed everything. I ordered the belt, blades and housing from sellers on eBay. I searched online for days on how to fix the belt. People kept complaining that Cricut will not do anything about fixing their own product.. I mean they do want to fix it but do it themselves… They won’t even send you replacements of what you need.

Well after everything was set and fix. The last thing to do was to turn it on and see if everything works properly. I didn’t have any cords so I borrowed my Cricut Cake plugs and used it on the Expression. Plugged everything where it’s suppose to be plugged. Turned it on and bingo.. it turns on haha.. I was extremely excited I  grabbed one of my Cricut mats, a random cartridge and paper. I had mats in hand because I used them for my Silhouette. Yes I used Cricut’s mat for my Silhouette. Silhouette sells one mat when Cricut has 2 in a package. It works pretty well.. I have no complaints whatsoever 😁

After hours of testing.. I’m glad I bought the Cricut. I could not believe I even fixed it myself. A new belt cost maybe $5-6 (on eBay), and a deep cut blade plus housing $8 (eBay); also bought a score tip plus housing $6 (eBay) just for the heck of it. Might need that later on..

Cricut Mystery Box – November 2014

Just got this months mystery box in the mail. So excited about what I got. I arrived pretty quick.. I just ordered a box yesterday morning? Or was it Wednesday? I can’t remember well anyway I just watched Crafts by Two this morning before my package arrived.. It was the unboxing of this months mystery box. Was curious to see what’s inside hehe. I couldn’t even wait haha. I had to wait what few more hours but couldn’t lol.

So excited that it has everything I’ll be using. Especially two of the items I was about to buy at the store. Good thing I didn’t.. The Teddy Bear Parade (cartridge) is too cute I wanted it so badly but I’m glad I waited and the universal overlay.. I’m glad I didn’t buy this as well.. I needed it for one of my cartridges.. Thinking about it.. I don’t think I do need it.. The expression 2 doesn’t even use any of those overlay pad things XD..

So what’s in this months box:

  • Cricut Organizer – Display Neatly ($12.99)
  • Cricut Cuttables Adhesive-backed Stencil Material ($11.99)
  • Universal Overlay $$2.99)
  • German carbide premium blade ($12.99)
  • Shapes Cartridge – Wrap it Up ($39.99)
  • Cricut Lite Cartridge – Teddy Bear Parade ($39.99)

I got the price base on Cricut’s website.  Total value of all items is about $120.00 which is what they advertise. Mystery box for $29.99; $120 value.

I have to guess that the organizer and the premium blade is for the Explore which I don’t have at the moment. Planning on getting one this Thanksgiving/Black Friday. It’s going to be on sale at Michaels and Wal-Mart.

I’ll probably giveaway the Wrap it Up cartridge at yerdle.. I’ll see :)

Want your own mystery box.. Head over to to order one. It’s 29.99 ($120 value) plus free shipping if you use the promo code FREESHIPNOV. For this month if you buy TWO Mystery Box it’s 49.99.. You save $10

One Mystery Box
Two Mystery Box  (gone)

Cricut Mystery Box October 2014

This is my first time purchasing a mystery box from and I think I’m officially addicted lol. Today a box arrived from them.. Opened it up and found 3 cartridges, cuttings mats, standard blade and tacky tape. I was actually expecting a loom kit because of videos I saw on YouTube of the mystery box. I’m guessing they ran out of the loom? If I had the loom I would have given it away on anyways.. I just bought 2 different shapes of loom kits 😝 recently. I’m extremely happy of what I got. All useful stuff to me 😁

Cartridges I received in the box: Sweater Weather, December 25th, and Merry and Bright

Cricut Mystery Box

DIsney Cakes and Sweets (2nd Shipment)

About a month ago I decided to sign up for Disney Cakes and Sweets. It’s like a magazine subscription which also includes baking tool and accessories to make whatever you want or what’s on the issue.

I love Disney stuff + baking which makes this subscription so exciting for me. Few months back I was subscribed to Bakes & Delicious (From the same company as the Disney one) but decided to cancel after my 8th month or so. Nothing wrong with the subscription just wanted to stop for a while.

This month I paid about $36.. Which is kind of pricey but I received 4 issues plus 5 other items. I thought I be charged $7.95 per month plus shipping but they bundled it up. I would rather pay that amount instead of $30-40/month. I’ll still continue my subscription to the end. It’s just preventing me from subscribing to other things. I wanted to subscribed to Ipsy and Fancy :( oh well I’ll just have to wait.