Ube Cupcakes II

I may have found the best ube cupcake recipe. I’ve been looking for one for so long. I found one awhile back but it was alright but it’s not as great as the one I made today lol.

So I went to my local Filipino market and bought ube (purple yam) extract (also bought mango extract to experiment with), I wanted to try out this recipe I was given by a fellow Instagram friend I follow (sosweetbites). I just love her work. She makes fantastic looking sweets, very inspirational.

Long story short I made the cupcakes and the whole family loved it. They were eating one right after the other even without the ube buttercream icing. I myself can’t stop eating them. I think I already ate 5-6 since around 5-6 pm (PST) and it’s now 10:47pm.




Halloween Cupcakes

About a week late but I forgot to blog about what I’ve baked for Halloween. I decided to bake cupcakes and cookies for our customers at North American Motors. I baked too much and there were a lot left over. I should have just baked half of what I’ve made and now a lot of food (cupcakes) got wasted =( . All the cookies were eaten by all the kids and myself LOL. I baked 12 regular size and 24 mini cupcakes of each flavor. There were three, red velvet, chocolate-cinnamon and vanilla. I also made about 75+ sugar cookies and I think 75 candy covered Oreos




Target Clearance – Halloween 2013

Yesterday and today I went to several Target just looking for Halloween clearance items.. I got lucky and found pretty much a lot of things.. costumes, food items, bakeware items, and more.

Most of them was 90% off the retail price. For the food it was 70% off. I also bought Christmas items. For these I can’t wait till the day after Christmas because for sure these will not last. These kind of kits tend to sell out before even Christmas. I wanted these skeleton cookie kit I saw before Halloween. I thought I was see some after Halloween but NOOOO… all I see the are the eyeball cake pops, whoopie pies, etc… I’m kicking myself in the butt for not getting it when I saw them the first time at the store.



Hello Kitty Mini Cupcakes

About two weeks ago I baked and decorated 200 mini cupcakes and 5 regular sized cupcakes for my in law’s baby shower. Everyone was talking about it all day. Saying it each cupcake was good and that it look like a professional had done it. I only do this as a hobby but people always told me to do it professionally. I don’t know it seems like a lot of work LOL. But well see. Here’s what I’ve done for the shower.

I colored coded each cupcake to let me know which flavor is which. GREEN was Butterfingers, BLUE was chocolate-cinnamon with chocolate buttercream, PINK was banana, YELLOW was gingerbread and WHITE was obviously red velvet LOL. All cupcakes (except chocolate) was iced with vanilla buttercream or cream cheese. I couldn’t remember which was which hahaha

These were the only pictures taken. I forgot to take a lot more because I was rushing on putting everything together last-minute. All in all I had so much fun making everything. Below this is what I used to make the cupcake topper and babies.

The HELLO KITTY topper was made from a silicone ice-cube tray (eBay) . The HEADBANDS I made for the babies, the BLOSSOM FLOWER on the babies head was from a plunger blossom set (eBay) and for the BAND wrapped around the babies head was from a clay extractor (Jo-Anns). I handmade the DIAPER COVER by making a tiny square and wrapped it around the baby’s bottom. The BOW on the baby’s bottom was from a Martha Stewart clay mold (Michaels) – Sweet Shop.. Photos below of what each item looks like. The SKIRT on one of the babies and what the babies sleeping on was made from the Garrett frill tool (eBay).


Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinic – Spooky Stacker

Saturday, Oct. 12, 2013 was another month for the kids to build something at the Lowe’s Build & Grow Clinic. This month was the Spooky Stacker. The kids, as always had fun building it. Watching each other take turns hammering the nail in, working together, priceless. It’s another family bonding moment for us. It’s either baking or building something together.

We do have one kit for each child. But I like to build it one at a time to show them how to work as a team,

Next month’s project is Pull Back Car. If you kids enjoy building I suggest registering them asap, space is limited and they do fill up fast. If your local Lowe’s is full, you can see go. After 10:15am they start giving away the kits because sometimes people don’t even show up.


Looking for Work

Well today was the last straw I can’t stand it. Hours ago I started looking around places that’s hiring. I’m desperately looking for job. I already applied at one of my favorite stores, Target LOL. Going to try at Sur la Table and probably Williams-Sonoma. I should also try Jo-Anns or Michaels. Best place for me to work LOL.. I also applied for a cabin cleaner at San Francisco International Airport. Just sent in my resume few minutes ago. Could be fun..
I wonder if any of my cousins can get me a job at SFO, both work there.

Need a job to save money also. Wanted to go back to school and plus my daughter hasn’t started preschool yet so I wanted her to start. Hubs.. I have a feeling that, that’s why she not starting yet because he doesn’t want to pay. She’s starting Kindergarten next year and she hasn’t attend preschool yet. SMH.. I know it’s optional but still.. It prepares her doe kindergarten.

Trying to find any job right now. Hubs keeps complaining about where money is going. And I can’t believe that he gets mad about it when I only spend it mostly at grocery stores. I hardly buy any personal stuff for myself. I haven’t bought any new clothes or shoes in years. Well for shoes I just bought some last week. When I do buy stuff for myself it’s just mostly bakeware items any it never goes beyond $5.00.

I’m tried of him complaining all the time. Money goes where it should go. And he’s been a cheap ass about it. I know I mostly spend about $100 or less a week on food. And he STILL complains that’s way too much.. Even the government will give you more. Trying to budget $100 a month is not EVEN close enough to feeding a family of 5. SMFH

I seriously can’t believe he complains so much when he’s the one spending more than anyone else in this house. Just today already about $80+ was spend on his shirt and jeans at Banana Republic. ALSO he just won an item on eBay for his bike. Guess how much $270.. TWO HUNDRED and SEVENTY. Shipping was another $14. When he gets a new bike he goes overboard and buys buys buys whatever he needs.

I’m just very upset.. He does this all the time. Why can’t he see I only spend money on what’s important. Maybe I should make him buy everything from now on. I’m just going to stop cooking, baking, etc.


Store Finds

Yesterday I went out with the kids.. Just got up and decided to go somewhere. First we went to Japantown in San Francisco because I wanted to check out Daiso and Ichiban. From both stores I bought cookie cutters. I thought these stores would be big from the sound of it on Yelp 😝.

But it’s alright they had different things (more things) compared to Daiso in Serramonte and Ichiban is Tanforan.

After Japantown I decided to head back home.. Was tired from carrying my 1 year old around and it was hot. While driving back home I saw Ross so I had to stop by and look.. Look around and found a cakepop / cupcake stand. I had to get it LOL.

After this place I was like okay now we have to go home.. I’m tired and it was hot 😝. While heading back.. I just had this feeling I had to go to the Dollar Tree in Pacific.

As we were looking around. I put my one year old down. Which then he ran to where the books was. Saw him picking up a book. Told him to put it back which he did but I decided to put it back in the right place.. I looked up and saw a book I always wanted to buy.. It was weird. I saw it at Barnes and Nobles a while back but than decided to hold off. That was almost over a year ago.

My oldest son has minor Autism so I’m trying to learn everything about it.